Whatever type of boat you own, a boat cover is an important way of protecting your investment. Boat covers are typically not used while the boat is underway, whether racing, cruising or sport fishing, but they help to protect your boat while it is sitting at the dock or at a mooring. Boat covers are also important to use when towing a boat while traveling, or when putting a boat into winter storage. Even if you are going to shrink-wrap your boat for winter in a snowy climate, a cover provides an additional degree of protection and insulation. Boat covers generally fall into one of three categories: custom, semi-custom and universal. A custom cover is made specifically for your particular vessel. If you have a custom-made boat, of course, this is the type of cover you will need. Custom covers are also made for specific makes and models of boats. Semi-custom covers are made for a class or style of boat. They may not always be as snug a fit as a custom cover, but should give adequate protection. The main reason you want to use a cover is to protect your boat from weather, be it snow, rain or hail; to protect it from debris that might be windborne or thrown up by traffic; and a cover can also help to protect your boat from sun damage, which can cause cracking and fading of surfaces. Universal covers are covers that come in various sizes and may be slightly adjustable for a snugger fit. Like other categories of covers, these come in a variety of durable marine fabrics. Less expensive versions may be made of plastic and may resemble tarps. Some covers have plastic windows; while you shouldn't use your cover while you are under way, a cover with windows lets you keep dry at mooring during a storm, or keep a bit warmer when docked on a chilly day.
Owning a boat can be a great pleasure and a great achievement. Keeping a boat in great shape can be an even greater achievement since it involves a great deal of time, effort and money. Boats require constant attention. So one of the first things you need to consider after you've purchased your boat is protecting it from the onslaughts of nature. Deciding on the Type of Center Console Boat Cover The best center console boat cover is one that will ensure total protection from all types of harm that nature can cause to the boat. You will need to consider rain, UV rays, moisture build-up, and dust-dirt-debris floating in the air, in addition to possible thieves. A center console boat cover should ensure that your boat is protected from these events. There are also concerns regarding high variations of temperature, exposure to snow and wind loaded with sand and other particles. UV ray protection: There is nothing more harmful than the sun beating down mercilessly on your unprotected boat. Continuous exposure to sun will badly affect both the upholstery and the console. A center console boat cover will ensure that the sun's direct rays do not reach the sensitive parts of the boat and cause expensive or irreparable damage. Rain protection: Rain can be a great enemy of anything remaining stationery and unattended. The modern center console boat covers available on the market today not only protect the boat from rain, they also allow air to circulate on the boat and permit moisture helps to evaporate. Debris protection: Dust can be another enemy that diminishes the longevity of the boat. If the boat is exposed to dust and pollutants over a long period of time, it can develop mildew and mold and the dirt build-up can be extremely difficult to remove. Thieves and invaders protection: a snugly-fitting center console boat cover will ensure that your boat is protected to a great extent against thieves. Of course, a cover is not designed to give full protection in this regard, but if fitted well, it can reduce the chance of theft. A center console boat cover will act as a protector from the vagaries of nature, reduce your maintenance costs and ensure that your boat has a long life.
Despite what many boat owners say, if you have a boat, then you ought to have the right boat cover also. Having the right boat cover helps in protecting the boat from rain and shine. Even if you are using it daily, you would have to invest in boat covers that are suitable for your boat. This article will give you quick tips on how to select the right size of boat cover for your boat and where can you get them. Many boat owners would tell you that any kind of boat cover would do. That said, the right boat covers are specifically designed to meet the protection needs of your boat. They are created in order to have all round security without leaving any lapse in safeguarding the expensive asset you own. You can not get such protection from covers larger than your boat or ones that are smaller than your boat in size. Before you are out in the market to select the right cover, there is a bit of home work that you have to do before you step out. You have to take the measurement of the boat you own (the one that you are going to buy the cover for). Selecting boat covers essentially requires you to have the accurate dimensions of your boat with you. First you have to determine the centreline length. For the centreline length, measure the tip of the bow to the centre of the stern. Then to the centreline length, add the length of the extensions (if you have any to your boat) like bow pulpits and transom brackets. Now find the beam width by measuring the widest point of your boat. Having done that, now you have the right size for your boat cover. You can also select boat covers with the right dimensions on different web sites that provide boat equipments. 
If you visit online platforms and forums etc. dedicated to boating, fishing and sailing, then you will come across many people who want to know more about boat covers. One common and highly frequent question is about the quality of boat covers one should look for. Many people are waking up to the fact that boat covers are essential for proper boat maintenance. Over here, we are going to discuss what should you look for in quality boat covers. Boat covers should give you practical solutions. Good quality boat covers should be guided by two factors - one, they should be weatherproof and second, they should be long lasting. The boat covers should also be good to look at, so that you can get some inspiration everyday for maintaining strict protective measures for your boat and on lookers gape at your boat with awe. For good looking boat covers you should choose from attractive colours that the new age covers come in. However, good quality boat covers also mean that they are colour fast to the sun and rain. The colours should not fade or come out when in contact with the rain or the UV rays of the sun. They should be resistant to the pollutants in the air as well, so that not only they protect the boat from the pollutants, but also they retain their original colour. Apart from weatherproof, good quality boat covers should be tear resistant. The usual handling of the boat and the boat cover should not damage the material it is made up of. The steel in the fittings should be stainless so that they do not rust. You can also get boat covers that have brass fittings. The seams should be stitched with high quality cotton that does not result in wicks. These are some of the traits that you should look for when buying boat covers of supreme quality.