Boat Wear 

Boat wear is very important when you're boating, working on your boat, or just plain enjoying your boat on a sunny day or more importantly on a colder or rainy day.  It includes pontoon boating, power boating, fishing, working on your boat,  etc.   Staying warm while boating, fishing, cleaning your boat is essential if you're going to maintain your appreciation for boating. In addition having the right boat shoes is really the most important.   Not having good boat shoes could cause you to slip off rail and fall into the water.   It's not crazy,  many boaters slip and fall overboard each boating season.   So,  it's one of the most important requirements for safe boating - get the necessary and right boat wear for all of your boating activites.

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Making sure your properly dressed for boating is not easy.  I mean getting wet and cold while launching your boat or pulling your boat out for the season can make a tough job seem too tough.  But having the right boat wear in terms of boat jackets, boat shorts, boat shoes, boat hats, sun glasses, etc.  can make a world of difference when it comes to tackling those tough jobs.

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