Learn About Different Options for Vehicle Storage
There are several different ways to store important vehicles safely. Whether the vehicle is a car, a boat, an RV, or a motorcycle you can safely store your vehicle indoors or outdoors. Learning about the different options for vehicle storage will help you and your family make the right storage decision in the future. Usually there are two reasons for storing larger vehicles such as cars and boats for long periods of time. The first reason is the change of the seasons. Some vehicles such as boats and even RVs are not used during the winter. This means they must be safely stored away until the time comes to take them out and start using them again. Another reason for storing large vehicles is extended trips. During a long vacation the average vehicle owner does not want to leave their vehicle out of doors at the mercy of the elements for days or even weeks at a time. Storing vehicles outdoors is a popular option with many vehicle owners. In many cases it is free and can be done on private property. Many RV and boat owners keep their vehicles out of doors all year round because it is convenient and free. The problem with doing that is your vehicle could easily be damaged by hail, high temperatures, snow, rain storms, and even high wind speeds. The damage caused by weather can be expensive to fix and can sometimes lead to the complete destruction of a vehicle. Even if a vehicle is not damaged leaving it outside will encourage rodents and insects to inhabit the vehicle. In some instances even cats will make a home in a vehicle that is left sitting long enough. This usually happens when individuals put their vehicles in the yard and do not bother to clean or cover them. Overtime mice, squirrels, and insects will start finding ways into your vehicle stealing bits of materiel for nests or even nesting directly in your vehicle. Indoor vehicle storage is an option that is safer and that has been growing in popularity. There are many different indoor storage facilities designed to meet the needs of the vehicle and the vehicle owners. Being indoors will help keep your vehicle safe from any inclement weather that might suddenly occur. Remaining outdoors for long periods of time can also lead to paint damage because of the sun or rusting because of humidity. Storing a boat indoors helps to avoid all of these problems. Indoor storage for vehicles will usually also come with additional services. When storing a boat or yacht indoors the storage company will usually help transport the boat to and from the water. Vehicle storage companies will also usually include repair services and maintenance services by an onsite crew. This crew will be able to point out any deterioration that occurs while your vehicle is in storage and will be able to help point out any deterioration that took place while your vehicle was stored outdoors. The largest downside that many see when it comes to storing vehicles indoors is the price associated with it. Most vehicle storage companies charge a great deal of money for the use of their premises. This can be discouraging to many but it is important to look at the big picture. Storing a vehicle outdoors can see more affordable initially but overtime the cost of minor and major repairs caused by weather damage will overshadow any expense you might have paid in storage fees. Another feature that might outweigh the expense is the space and comfort that most indoor vehicle storage facilities have. Being able to work in warmth while staying safe from the elements will help encourage you to properly service and winterize your vehicle. Many vehicle owners put off winterizing or servicing their vehicles until it is too late because they do not want to go out into the cold or rain. Being able to perform these functions in a stable environment will help you increase the life and performance of your vehicle. Lastly, storing your vehicle indoors will help keep it safe from vandals. Many cars and RVs are targeted by thieves who want to remove all electrical components. A vehicle that is left sitting outdoors for long periods of time becomes even more of a target overtime. Keeping your vehicle in an indoor storage facility that can only be accessed with the use of a key pad or during certain hours is your best bet against thieves. In addition to key pads most indoor facilities that specialize in guarding vehicles have video surveillance, advanced alarm system, and guards on 24 hour patrol. 
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