Variety in Boat Storage
One very important thing to consider if you are going to purchase a boat is where you are going to store it when it is not in use. Keeping your boat on the trailer at your home would probably be the least costly for you. Storing the boat at your home would be very convenient for you when you wanted to take it out for the day or even a weekend event. It would already be with you and on its trailer ready to go to the water! You would also save a lot of money not paying a monthly fee to rent a storage unit. Having a cover or tarp would protect your boat and trailer from damaging storms, snow, hail, and heat so you will want to make sure you get a cover. You want to keep your boat and trailer locked up at all times while it is not in use that way you don't have to worry about someone messing with it. Another option for storing your boat would be rack storage. This means your boat is in a covered area and is placed on racks that form the shape of the bottom part of your boat. You will then contact the provider of the storage unit when you are ready to get your boat out for use. They most likely will use a strong lifting device to get your boat down off the racks. When you are done using the boat you will need to call the provider again to have them store it back on the racks for you. This is the best storage for smaller boats. If you do own a larger boat, this would probably not be the way to go. This type of storage is also good because your boat will be out of water at all times allowing no water damage. The most popular storage for you boat would be boat slips at the marina which works for any size boat. The cost of a slip will depend on if you purchase or rent the slip. It's also going to depend on the size of your boat and if it is at a local marina near your home. It would be a very wise investment if you did decide to buy the slip. Another bonus in choosing a marina is that you will be provided with bathrooms, water for you to drink and an excellent spot for washing you boat when you are done using it. You would also be provided with the use of a boat ramp which makes putting and taking your boat out of the water a lot easier. There is plenty of parking at these establishments along with electronic connections for your boat's needs. Services are usually provided for winterization along with some smaller repairs your boat might need at last minute. The marina will most likely be kept up very well with a nice appearance. In most cases it will be fenced in so not just anyone off the street can get access into the marina. During the hours the marina is open you will usually find that there is a security guard on duty to watch the facility. A boat marina is a great place to bring along your family and friends not only for the boat ride but maybe for a relaxing picnic. You will need to make sure you have your boat completely cleaned and waxed before you put it into storage. Your boat will always need to be covered with a tight fit leaving no room for water to accumulate to the inside of the boat. You don't want it too tight though, because some air needs to flow through the inside. You will also want to make sure the engine is properly covered from sun and rain. If you store your boat on the trailer make sure to check the pressure on tires and it would be helpful to put a cover over the tires as well. The last thing you always want to make sure and do is have the boat winterized before ever putting it into storage for the winter. It is better to decide how you will store your boat before you actually purchase it. This is so you can make sure there will be a slip available to you at the marina of your choice. If you are still unsure of where you would want to store the boat, the dealer who is selling you the boat or in charger of the boat you are looking at would be able to recommend which storage would best suit your boat. It is wise to have you storage situation resolved before shopping for the boat its self!
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