Gifts for Boaters 

For 2014 we have great NEW ideas for gifts for boaters.  When it comes to gifts for boaters it can be a very difficult thing to figure out.  Boaters typically have pretty much everything they need, so deciding what kind of gift they need, can be almost impossible.   That' where we come in ....   we can help you find a great gift your boater.   We'll show you the latest in hats, sunglasses,  boating electronics , marine stereos and even personal health improvement items to help your favorite boat captain live healthier, stronger and happier. 

Check out these Great Gifts for Boaters Here!   




That's why we're here!   We're all about Pontoon Boating so when it come's to gifts for boaters - we've have the best ideas and offers you can image like boating wear,  boating gear,  camping accessories,  marine electronics and something you won't find everyday at your local hardware store or wallmart.

There's a few types of gifts for boaters -  such as boating gear, clothing and accessories,  is one.  Another is marine electronics, like boat stereos, marine radios, fish finders, etc. and another which is maybe new to some, is health improvement items like blood pressure monitoring instruments,  foot detox baths and alkaline water ionizers.

Live Healthier - Boat Stronger - Here's Gifts for Health Improvement!

If you're serious about spending time with family and friends for years to come,  you have to manage your health.  Get your body working healthier and better with a new Alkaline Water Ionizer.  It helps get your body slightly alkaline to resist sickness and disease like cancer.  If your bodies cells are alkaline they cannot admit sickness or disease.  


Most boaters are in tune with living a good life in a healthy, fit way, especially along with their spouses or better halves if you know what I mean.   That includes watching your weight, excercising, blood pressure ,etc. etc.  It's a fact that disease cannot exist in a alkaline environment and it's a known fact that if you can maintain your bodies pH level to slightly alkaline, around 7.5, you can live healthier, feel stronger, sleep better and avoid many diseases and sicknesses.  In Japan when a person is diagnosed with cancer,  they provide alkaline water as a part of the treatment process.  

Another area of "well-being" is foot care or foot health.  Ionic foot baths are a great way of reviving a persons  health.  The Ionic foot detox foot baths actually work to detoxify a person, thus giving them a better healthly living.  Check out the great deals below on Ionic foot detox baths below.

There's many other Great Gifts for Boats - Like Geat Deals on Sun Glasses and Marine Watches, Check these out below!

When it comes to boating,   any boating related gift is a great gift - like boating wear sun glasses, boat shoes, sandels , hats you name it,  if you buy it for a friend or girl friend, you can't go wrong.  Or better yet,  a new marine stereo system or some new boat lighting like LED accent marine lighting.   Check out the great deals below! 


There's many other great boating gift ideas for the boater in your life, for example diver watches, trolling motors, marine stereo's and accessories, water proof cameras, fish finders,  boat LED lighting and more!  Just check out these great BOATER GIFTS below!