Boat Maintenance

Boat maintenance and repair is key issue for many boaters regardless of the type of boat - pontoon boat, skiff, fishing boat etc.   boat maintenance covers a large variety of areas, including electronics, wiring, lighting, boat seats and boat seat repair, boat cover repair, hull repair, fiberglass repair, how to replace your pontoon carpet, outboard motor repair just to name a few.



Boat Repair Supplies and Boat Maintenance Information


Most Important Boat Maintenance Items

Speed Boat Maintenance

No two speed boats are alike. Speed boats are simply virtually their owners and the care that is given to them.

Speed boats are major investments that for a vessel to be stranded by a breakdown at the moment when you require it most will not just be disheartening, it could also be hazardous. With other machines like cars, all you basically have to do is see to it that the fluids are replenished or replaced and the depreciation a consequence of daily driving is checked and replaced when needed. Speed boats need more than that. To have a smooth running boat and to get more years and more value from your investment the next are to be observed.

Annual Maintenance
Have the bottom repainted and change the zincs. If your vessel has a fiberglass bottom, have it cleaned, have the bottoms painted and debris and barnacles removed. Drive oil and liquids should likewise be changed. Except for insuring that engine life is long-lasting, the annual maintenance medical exam will keep your speed boat in very good shape.


The best time to perform the speed boats annual examination is in conjunction during wintertime while the boats engine is being winterized. It is very essential to winterize the engine when the boat is exposed to damp and cold conditions. In winterizing the engine, flush it first with water, then use soapy water to wash it through. After rinsing, all fuel from the hoses and carburetors are to be drained to avoid the build up deposits of evaporated fuel. The engine can then be lubricated once it is clean and dry employing grease to all the moving areas. Finally, you can put on a high quality wax to polish the outside of the engine.

Forestalling Clogging

Before winter, fill your speed and agility boats fuel tank to full and add a stabilizer so that deposits and condensation does not happen.

The engine of the vessel is not simply the part that needs good annual maintenance. The water separator and the fuel filter will also need to be replaced every winter to avoid clogs.

After this, bilges are to be cleaned with stiff brush and hot water. It is in addition a great idea to spray it with lubricant and anti freeze. Cleaning the boat inside and out will make the boat looking pristine.

The Boats Manual

While the fundamentals of vessel maintenance may be the same, the maintenance need for different speed boats will slightly differ. Consulting the manual or a good marine mechanic may well be an improved method than starting the maintenance alone particularly when this will be in serious trouble the first time. Like most speed boat owners, a time comes when doing it yourself is a good way to go. When the boat owner already feels comfortable at doing the job himself, maintenance and marine supplies are easily available online.

Doing a good and regular maintenance on a boat and spending a few hundreds to pay out for its upkeep will create that often difference on the manner in which the boat will perform. In the long run, a good amount of cash will be saved by looking following on from the boats maintenance as scheduled.

Not merely will it keep it safe, it will in addition make a big difference for the boats longevity.



Key Points of Boat Maintenance

Now that the Pontoon boats have become a very popular boat and have a wide range of clientele, there is also a need for the owners to understand how to go about the maintenance and repair of the boats. As these crafts are in the water in a slip almost right through the year, it is very essential to carry out annual servicing and maintenance work to keep them functioning properly and in a work worthy condition. It is very important for the boat owner to know what steps to take towards maintaining his boat and doing preventive maintenance to ensure the well being of his boat.

A new owner should know what to look for:

There is a checklist which every owner should maintain and cover all aspects according to the time that this particular function expires and has to be rechecked again.

One of these functions that should be checked annually is the outboard motor. Other annual check ups are to be carried out on the spark plugs that might have to be changed, the cylinders should have a check with regard to compression, an annual water pump replacement, the lower unit would require a pressure test, a change of oil again on the lower unit, and ensuring that no cracks have developed on the fuel lines.

All the fittings should be greased amongst all the other checks that are carried out. If these jobs are carried out diligently it will cut back on the work to be done finally and also save you a lot of money by way of preventing unnecessary work to be done because of wear and tear.

Ensure that a leak is repaired immediately:

With consideration to the maintenance of the boats, you cannot ignore probable damage in this area, because there may be a lot of trouble areas that could be overlooked and missed.

Several leaks may come up in the boat without the boat actually hitting a submerged article. Just the wear and tear of daily use could cause a leak to develop in a pontoon boat hull sometimes. The leak on a Pontoon boat should be seen to immediately, as the collection and seepage of surplus water would add up more weight to the boat, and this in turn would put extra strain on the motor because of the added weight. This would not only increase the fuel intake of the boat, but also take a toll on the overall performance of the boat.

The unfortunate part is that to locate and do up a leak in the boat you would need to call for professional help of a service organization, as specialized gear is required to take care of this problem. Sometimes you may be able to fathom this problem by yourself. This could be noticed especially if one pontoon sits at a lower level the water than another. This would happen if there is extra water collected which has to be removed and the leak repaired. Your boat should be checked for leaks at least once in two years by a professional boat repair person.

These are some of the key areas that one should keep in mind for preventive maintenance care. There may be several other issues too that need to be seen to but the overall idea is to ensure that there is no major work due to the negligence of timely maintenance.


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