Pontoon Covers 

There are many boat cover manufacturers making good pontoon covers, but some are better than others.  Here we examine pontoon covers by some of the best boat cover makers around.  We will review the materials used,  the weight or thickness of the material and key features that help some covers last longer than others. If you're not sure which pontoon cover is right for you, this will help you compare different pontoon covers by key performance characteristics and features.

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Angola Canvas Pontoon Covers

   Materials used -  10oz cotton weave, 10.5oz ABC vinyl, 9oz polyester 9.5oz woven acrylic, 9oz vinyl coated aqualon.  All materials used are water, stain and UV resistant.

   Key Features -  all covers are custom made to your pontoon boat specific dimensions and features.  Angola custom boat covers include reinforced wear points at the corners and center supports and are all double stiched.


Polyester Pontoon Covers

    Material used -   9oz marine grade polyester 

   Key Features -  all covers are custom made to your pontoon boat specific dimensions and features.  Ken's custom boat covers include custom trailer tie down grommets, custom heat relief vents that prevent condensation build up and mildew growth.  Their pontoon covers also include double reinforced stress points with 18oz vinyl coated nylon.  Also included are heavy duty tie down straps with high strength polypropolene webbing. 

These manufacturers make quality custom pontoon covers and you can tell by the features they offer.  Double stich sewing,  reinforced corners and support areas make a hugh difference over time in terms of pontoon boat cover performance.  High strength corner straps and tie downs should be at the top of your list when it comes to choosing a cover for your pontoon boat.   Another factor to consider is the material. Different pontoon cover makers use different materials.   Canvas covers are traditionally the best you can choose.  They perform well against a variety of harsh outdoors exposures and they generally last a long time if properly used and cared for.  However,  they are alot heavier than some of the other materials used like polyester or nylon.  These covers are lightweight and easy install,  fold, store, etc.  However,  their performance against some of the harshest outdoor elements are generally not as good as canvas.   So, it depends how and where your pontoon boat is going to stored. If  you plan to store your boat indoors or with minimal outdoor exposure,  then the lighterweight covers are probably your best choice.  But if your pontoon boat is stored outdoors in the winter harsh cold months, it's probably better to consider a heavier weight canvas or cotton cover.  Include the other key features when choosing your pontoon cover and you should be set.     In terms of performance comparison between Ken's custom pontoon covers and Angola's, it's clear that it depends on your application.   If you keep your ponton boat indoors, a lighter weight pontoon cover is your best choice. It will keep the dust and miscellaneous stains off your pontoon and keep it in tip top shape.  Your best bet is a cover from Ken's. 

But, if you live in the Northwest or Midwest, actually anywhere North where the winters are brutal and your pontoon boat is stored outdoors, or even indoors, you best bet is the canvas - heavy duty cover option made by Angola Pontoon Covers.  Again it has to do with the application.

So, make sure your  pontoon boat has the right "TYPE" of pontoon cover for the application.   And,  make sure it has the right "PONTOON COVER PERFORMANCE FEATURES"  like double stiching, reinforced tie down areas,  tie down straps,  grommets and support areas.  Understanding your needs in detail will help you when choosing from a variety of pontoon covers.