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You're on the water, you want to fish and thank goodness you're fishing on a pontoon boat.  There's nothing better for space, storage,  ease to move around then when your're pontoon fishing.  Here's a bunch of tips and how to's when it comes to fishing on a pontoon boat. Whether  you're a beginner at pontoon fishing or an expert, you've come to the right place for pontoon fishing how to's and pontoon accessories.

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Fishing on your pontoon boat can be both a relaxing and fun experience. Fishing from a pontoon boat can much more enjoyable than fishing on other smaller vessels. While fishing on a pontoon boat, you are often free from worries regarding the sturdiness of your vessel, or tipping the boat over while leaning in for larger catches.

Fishing on your pontoon boat is also often much more comfortable than fishing in smaller vessels. In between catches you can relax on the deck of your pontoon boat, or go cook a few filets on the on board grill.

When you fish on your pontoon boat, you can often go out fishing for the entire day, without leaving behind the small luxuries of home, such as a refrigerator to keep your lunch, and chilled drinks, and a stove to do some minor cooking, or to cook up a catch later in the day. You can even outfit your pontoon boat with a small restroom, making it so you have no need to go back to shore until your fishing journey is complete.

The size of a pontoon boat is also ideal for group fishing outings. With a pontoon boat several people can fish off of different sides of the boat without fear of their lines becoming entangled, or interfering with each other's fishing. Fishing with others on a pontoon boat can also help spread out the area in which you are fishing, and help make your entire fishing experience more enjoyable.

It is also easy to fish while on a pontoon boat with others who wish to engage in other activities about on the boat. Pontoon boats are often separated into several different sections, so that a section can be devoted solely to fishing, while another section be reserved for others to play games, dine, or participate in other activities away from where the fishing is occurring.

If you use your pontoon boat as a fishing vessel frequently you may want to outfit the boats with accessories, catered to your fishing style. You can purchase special holders for your fishing rod to attach to your favorite space, as well as a variety of other accessories to accent your pontoon boat and enhance your fishing experience such as custom seats. No matter what your style, a pontoon boat can help turn a day of fishing into a spectacular experience.

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If you like to fish,  fishing on a pontoon boat can bring new levels of enjoyment and fishing success.  Many pontoon boat manufacturers offer Pontoon Fishing versions that include captains chairs, live wells, stern and bow fishing stations, rod storage compartments and much more.









Pontoon Fishing Boat - Fishing From a Pontoon Boat

A pontoon boat can be a great way to spend an afternoon fishing for your favorite species of fish. There are many reasons that a pontoon boat is great for fishing, but the number one reason has to be comfort. In this article I'm going to discuss some of the features and benefits of a style of pontoon boat that you may have never considered. I'm going to discuss inflatable pontoon boats, that's right inflatable pontoon boats, and outline some of the reasons this style of pontoon boat is perfect for fishing.

The biggest reason why this type of pontoon boat is great for fishing is because of cost. Traditional pontoon boats, while being great for fishing, are very expensive. Many anglers simply don't have enough disposable income to afford a traditional pontoon boat, so an inflatable version is a cost effective alternative. As a matter of fact inflatable pontoon boats cost thousands less than their traditional cousins.

There are two versions of inflatable pontoon fishing boats available to anglers. The first is the float tube style pontoon and the second is the FoldCat style pontoon. Both of these inflatable style boats are great for fishing, with the biggest difference being the number of anglers that the two styles fit comfortably. Float tube style pontoons are mainly for one angler whereas the FoldCat style pontoons can comfortable carry up to three anglers.

You see float tube style pontoons consist of two inflatable pontoons with a seat in between to hold the angler. The anglers feet sit in the water in most cases and the boat itself is powered by a pair of oars. This style of pontoon fishing boat is very popular among fly fishermen in both lakes and rivers. These boats cost between two and six hundred dollars depending on the features that you would like. Fishing from these boats is quite easy and they are also very maneuverable.

FoldCat style pontoon boats are a bit larger than their float tube style cousins and also obviously consist of a pair of pontoons with the biggest difference being that these boats have a platform that sits on top of the pontoons so that the angler (or anglers) are above the water. This makes these boats easier and more comfortable to fish from than the float type style pontoons. When it comes to a pontoon fishing boat this boat is by far the most comfortable to fish from. The FoldCat is powered by a pair of oars or can even be powered by a small motor if you prefer. This style is best suited for lake fishing, but can be used in larger rivers as well.

Either of these styles of pontoon fishing boat is great for fishing and, as I said, cost a faction of what traditional boats cost. As a general rule, the pontoon style is better served for fly fishing, while the FoldCat style is better served for traditional fishing such as bass fishing. Both styles are very easy to fish from and maneuver through the water.

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