Pontoon Furniture Replacement

Pontoon Furniture Replacement

If you're pontoon boat is more than a few years old and the seats and vinyl items are looking faded or torn, it's probably time to think seriously about replacing your pontoon furniture.   Replacing your pontoon furniture is fairly easy to do as we'll discuss below. 


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Pontoon Furniture Replacement Instructions

The look and feel of your pontoon boat depends on a few basic factors such as; railings, pontoon carpet,  the side panels, bimini top condition and of course the pontoon furniture.   Changing or replacing your pontoon furniture can greatly increase the look and feel of your pontoon.   In addition to increasing the value of your pontoon boat  you can increase the enjoyment of boating and fishing with new pontoon furniture.

To replace your pontoon furniture,  first disconnect wiring and cable connections under the seating areas and console unit as required.  Make sure to mark the wire , cables with labels so you know how to reconnect them.   Mark the location of your furniture items, outer corners or inner corners if you have access with chalk or tape. 

Next disconnect or unscrew the seats and console unit.  Make sure to bag and label all mounting hardware.   Remove your old seats , console, corner units and floppy seat if equipped.   Install your new pontoon seats, console and storage units to the original positions as marked by your tape or chalk marks.   Drill new mounting holes if required and use new stainless steel hardware to bolt down your new furniture items.   Reconnect eletrical connections and cables as required and install your  shift and throttle and steering controls.  Check to make sure that the steering , throttle and shift controls work smoothly without binding.  Also, make sure that all pontoon lights works correctly before launching.

That's about it.  With a little work you can your pontoon boat a whole new look and feel. 

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