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Our purpose here is to inform you about pontoon furniture construction, quality and materials.   The seat and console units are quite expensive and you need to consider many items such as the construction - plywood or plastic bases,  framing materials,  the different grades of vinyl materials to check if they are mildew and UV resistant, foam products for quality and durability and even the fastners, hardware and thread.  

 All these are subject to the environment and degrade over time.  UV, mildew and stain protection are all key items to check before deciding which pontoon furniture is right for you.  So, here we explain the different types of pontoon furniture materials and options  and describe the types of materials they use, the quality level and the warrantees they stand behind.  The purpose is to help you check what you're buying to help you make sure you getting quality pontoon furniture items from a quality supplier and from a reliable and trustworthy source.

Let's start off with the construction of the seating or console units - namely the framing and the panels, including the seat base.

Framing materials

Panels and bases should be resistant and guaranteed against water damage, decay, insect damage and guaranteed for life.  Whether the panels or framing materials are plastic or pressure treated and marine grade materials.  Plywood bases should be one half to five eighths of an inch thick and be guaranteed for life. 

Foam materials

Foam also has unique performance specifications and characteristics.  The foam used should be closed cell type, that is to say that it won't absorb water.  It also needs to be UV resistant, resistant to pontoon seat cleaners and also mildew resistant.  The foam used in your seats should be professional marine grade closed cell foam.  Closed cell foam should be used as they do not absorb moisture.


Not all companies make and sell the same. Again, there are different grades, textures, even color choices.   Some companies offer only a few color choice, but better companies offer alot more.  You need to shop around and check carefully. In addition vinyl materials are problably the most important item in pontoon furniture since they are impacted directly by the weather and sun.   Good vinyls need to be weather resistant and tested.  Weatherometer testing is basically direct sunlight exposure either tested in southern states such as Florida or Arizona or there are simulated tested done in UV chambers that simulate exposure over time to the materials.  Materials should are typically tested anywhere from 600 hrs exposure to 2000 hours.  1000 hour exposure requirement against color fade is typical.  Materials should not fade excessively under these test requirements.  Make sure the furniture you choose has marine grade vinyls that are certified for UV resistance, chemical resistance and cracking at cold temperaures.

And the last topic to touch on is the fastners and hinges.  These items can quickly corrode leaving you with poor folding pontoon furniture seat tops and looking prematurely old.   Again,  these items should be stainless steel for all fastners and hinges can either be stainless or aluminum.  Aluminum is lighting and generally provides the durability and strength needed.   However, and load bearing hinges should made from stainless steel.

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