Pontoon Insurance

The things you need to think about when considering pontoon boat insurance is coverages that make sense for you,  the deductibles, the real estate agent or broker and  the underwriting company, ie.  the company that is actually insuring your pontoon boat.   First off,  coverages.  Pontoon insurance coverages should include;  liability of operation, fire, theft, collision as basic coverages.   Many boat owners use their auto insurance provider or house insurance provider to cover their boat.  However,  those companies are constantly rewriting their rules on everything they don't cover under many different conditions.   So, if you're serious about insuring your pontoon boat properly,  you should a professional boat insurance company like  BOATU.S.

Find Great Pontoon Insurance

Pontoon insurance is one of the most important items you need to consider when purchasing a new a used boat.  It doesn't matter what type of boat it is,  cruiser, pontoon boat, fishing boat,  you need comprehesive coverage from a reliable insurance company.  Here you'll find out how to properly insure your pontoon boat, yacht or ski boat  and you can find solid pontoon insurance companies to work with.

Choosing the Right Boat Insurance for Your Pontoon Boat

Are you a current boat owner or are you looking at making an investment in a boat for personal or business use? If you are a current boat owner and you insure your boat with a regular insurance company like GEICO, Progressive or Allstate you may want to consider a company that specializes in boats or watercraft to get the best deal on boat insurance quotes. Conversely many regular insurance companies offer significant discounts if you have multiple policies with them. Everyone knows that the major insurance companies offer a discount if you have multiple vehicles on your auto insurance and an additional discount if you also insure your home with them, but it is a little known fact that you can get and additional discount by insuring your boat as well. 

The only problem with this is that depending on the insurance company you may be able to get a better overall price by buying separate policies for your car, home and boat. Progressive has built an entire ad campaign about how easy it is to get your car, motorcycle or home insured and that they will even give you the premium for the same coverage for up to three competitors and have recently added boats and personal water craft to their commercial base. 

Allstate has accident forgiveness that they are advertising heavily on the radio and television. All of their ads only speak of the provision in relation to cars and do not mention boats, but it is a great feature especially if you will have new drivers on your policy whether it will be for your car OR boat. Your best bet for online insurance quotes are the regular insurance web sites like esurance.com, insureweb.com and others.

They all have options to enter boat in for the type of insurance you are looking for and will then be able to compare premiums from the various major insurance companies. Once you have some of those in hand you should try several boat specialty insurance companies and get their rates as well. 

The best specialty boat insurers are Boat US, United Marine Underwriters and NBOA (National Boat Owner's Association). NBOA offers a membership that includes towing, discounts from their Boat Equipment Store and industry leading advice from many marine experts and a discount over and above the excellent premiums they offer from many marine insurance companies. They offer the following kinds of insurance - Sea Ray boat insurance, power boat insurance, sail boat insurance, personal water craft insurance, house boat insurance, race boat insurance, ski boat insurance, jet ski insurance, catamaran insurance, fishing boat insurance and more. 

Their main competition is Boat US which also offers a towing service and authorized service from marine dealers around the country. My father in law bought the Boat US membership that cost him $300 for a year and within a month of owning his used boat had to be towed in from the bay and the bill would have been over $600 so he paid for his membership for two years with the one tow.






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 How to Get Discounts on Boat Insurance Policy

Finding a boat insurance policy can begin with the insurance company in which you have home and auto insurance. Combining these policies often provides discounts that will save money on the premium. There are several other ways to receive discounts on insurance for your boat as listed here.

When getting quotes from the different companies, ask about discounts available when learning about boat insurance. Asking up front can help save money in areas you may not be aware of.

Getting the quote from many companies will ensure you get the best rate and offering available. If you go through a local insurance agency you can receive many quotes at one time. Going straight to the main insurance company may be a good place to start but in order to free yourself from the headache; you can receive many quotes from one insurance agency.

Contacting agents directly can assist in asking questions when needing to receive quotes. They are available to answer questions regarding boat insurance. Figuring out some of the insurance policies may be difficult and having an agent nearby can assist when needing information.

Make sure that the boat insurance covers loss from events and natural catastrophes. There may be some things that the original policy does not cover and a separate policy may be needed. Once you know what is covered through the insurance policy, ask about options to add-on.

Different kinds of insurance for boats should include liability. This will pay medical payments in the event of an accident for guests on the boat. There could be accidents that happen at any time and in order to avoid legal entanglements, this coverage should be purchased. Legal coverage may be available to cover any costs in that area.

Maintenance to the boat may be included with property damage coverage on the policy. This will ensure that the boat is covered in the event of events that may happen. This boat insurance may be separate from what you currently or originally are quoted. Asking up front about what is entailed through the policy will make sure that you know what add-ons you should purchase at time of buying the insurance.

Many insurance companies in the local area that have dealt with boat insurance for many years can offer advice when contacting them. Sometimes you may be wary to use insurance companies, but the people there are very friendly and able to assist you with the right quote. They are dependent upon your satisfaction with their services. Insurance companies will often offer you a quote from the different companies at one time. You then have at least three quotes available at the time of contact.

When purchasing insurance for your boat, you may only feel that you need seasonal coverage. This is risky since the boat has to be stored in a location and may still have accidents happen surrounding it. Insurance companies usually offer year round insurance for an affordable rate. The protection afforded through buying year round insurance will ensure protection from loss.