Pontoon Tube Cleaning 

Owning a pontoon boat or any type of boat has it's challenges, there's no doubt.  Each season you have your pontoon boat in the water or docked,  it get's dirty.  The inside from fishing, food, drink, birds, you name it and the outside including the pontoon seats , the pontoon carpet, the bimini top get's dirty and stained from dirt in the air, road dirt when you're trailering, rain, dust, bird dropping, trees, etc.   In addition to all that, the pontoon tubes become oxidized and covered with water stains, scum and algae growth.     Each year, either at the beginning of the pontoon boating season or at the end, we need to do some pretty serious boat cleaning including inside and outside and you guessed it,  pontoon tube cleaning.

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How to Clean Pontoon Tubes

First start by hosing down your pontoon boat tubes with a garden hose.  Let them soak so that the scale, oxidation and algae get wet  and soft. Next apply a heavy coat of aluminum tube cleaner.  It's usually applied by spraying.  Let it soak as defined by the instructions.    Most aluminum cleaners say to hose it right off the pontoon tubes,  but I've found that using a soft non-abrasive scrub pad, such as a kitchen sink scrubbing pad helps to remove the scale buildup.  The key though is letting the solution soak in as defined on the instructions.  Gently scrub  the pontoon tubes with a NON-ABRASIVE scrub pad and hose off with clean water to get your pontoon tubes looking good as new.